Wado-Ryu Karate Glynneath

(Established 1971)

Dojo Address
Town Hall
Heathfield Ave
West Glamorgan
SA11 5AB

South Wales

Dojo Address Map

Training Times
Tuesday  -  All Grades 6pm - 7pm,         

Thursday  -  All Grades  6
pm - 7pm,       

Chief Instructor - Tim Evans 6th Dan
(Qualified NVQ Level 2 Coach)
   glynneathkarate@hotmail.com  or  timevans22@hotmail.com|

Technical Committee & Club
David Jones
2nd Dan,  Gwyn Everett 2nd Dan,  Jay Smith 1st Dan, Andrew Jones 1st Dan

Members of - Welsh Karate Association
(Recognised by the Sports Council)


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Glynneath Karate Club

 General Information

Glynneath Karate Has been open since 1971, It is one of the oldest clubs in Wales and is part of
Welsh Karate Association, which it helped form in 1978.

Wado Ryu is our Style,  but we do have visiting instructors from Ju-Jitsu, Aikido and Kick Boxing, and will continue to have ALL styles teaching here to give students a broader view of the Martial Arts.

                                      Ignorance is not bliss, We should all learn (the good parts) from each other.
We teach Traditional Karate in a safe and controlled atmosphere. Students can benefit from Karate Training with Increased Fitness, Confidence and an Improvement in the Ability to Defend themselves. Training in Ju-Jitsu and Weapons is also Available for Students at Senior Level.

The WKA is recognised by The Welsh Sport Council. The Association is also a associate of British Karate Federation, European Karate Union, World Karate Federation (formally WUKO), We also have contacts with Professional Karate Association (USA).

Our Web Site has been prepared to promote, the Martial Arts, the Students and any Events or Competition by ANY Style. 

Club Instructor
Tim Evans 6th Dan (Technical Committee Member of WKA)

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Su - Ha - Ri

This Link Takes To Another Site To Explain Some of The Meanings
Commands and Maxims of Martial Arts.



Hey..... Stay Sharp


Chief Instructor of the Welsh Karate Association

Stephen Wellington 7th Dan
with Sensei Sagagami & Sensei Nikina

                                                                                                                                                       Japanese Instructors - K SAKAGAMI  8th Dan, M  HASHIARA 8th DanM. MAEDA 7th Dan
                                                                                                                    British Instructors - Unel WELLINGTON 7th Dan,   Peter MAY 5th Dan


Unel Wellington

Has stepped down as Chief Instructor of the Welsh Karate Association to promote Karate Nationwide.
After a Trip to Japan (Sept 05) with Sensei K Sakagami and meeting officials from their Governing Body,
He was offered to be the
Official Representative in Wales for The Japan Karate Association (JKA) - He accepted.  
In conjunction with K Sakagami, he is to promote courses in the United Kingdom with various Japanese Instructors,
These courses are Open to All Styles.  For more Info Contact Unel on 0781 391 8576   (Japanese Course Link)





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